Established through a partnership between its founders, Ezekiel "Zeek" Detiquez (Zee-) and Von Leroi "Von" Santelices (-vo), Zeevo Corporation is a business that utilizes the power of the internet and the prevalence of social networking sites and online marketplaces in order to deliver products to customers through its network of distributors and resellers.

With the vision of being an instrument for individuals from all walks of life to achieve boundless growth, the Zeevo line of products were conceptualized, and are continually expanded with the primary goal of enabling people of all ages - from teenagers to professionals to even those who are young at heart, to live with zero boundaries.

Zeevo Corporation defines a life with zero boundaries as one where an individual is empowered to live their daily lives and fight their battles with the confidence that they are capable of achieving boundless growth. The Company shall strive to help individuals achieve a life of zero boundaries by equipping them with effective products that would enable them to do so.

As its founders are both male, it is also a mission of Zeevo Corporation to eliminate the preconceived notion that an online business, and skincare, in general, are reserved for women. Zeevo Corporation believes that the continually growing skincare business atmosphere and the concept of taking care of one's skin are the business and concern of people of all genders from all walks of life.